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At Hawkins Heating & Air Conditioning, you never have to worry about if the job is going to be done on time or if we are ever going to show up. We’ll let you know the price of the job upfront and a good time to have the work done as we are the premier Virginia Beach HVAC Contractor.

As professional HVAC experts, we have been in the business since 1986. We continue to grow daily and exceed the needs of our customers. Our techs realize what a discomfort that the weather can deliver and want to be there for you when it gets too cold or hot.

The Ultimate System inspection

Virginia Beach HVAC Contractor performing a inspectionWhen it comes to a heating system, there is a lot to consider as they have a very intricate operating system that needs to be fully functional at all times. We offer an inspection service for your heater/furnace that takes a detailed look at the system.

Cooling is important for an air conditioner. A system that cools better tends to be more efficient old or new. Through an inspection to your AC, we take a look at the drain pan, air filters; check the electrical connections, and thermostat operation inside of your Virginia Beach home.

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Comfort through Repairs

Virginia Beach HVAC Contractor fixing a unitTrying to heat the home in the winter can be almost as frustrating as attempting to cool it down during the summer. When something malfunctions inside of your heating or cooling device, it’s important to have it repaired immediately.

Taking immediate action with your HVAC system(s) ensures a proper working device throughout any season. It also prevents costly future repairs that take so many homeowners by surprise. We will let you know if your system needs repaired or replaced.

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Proper Installations

Virginia Beach HVAC Contractor doing a 13 point inspectionInstallations enhance comfort and lower heating & cooling bills. As much as half the energy used in the home goes to heating and cooling. You can prevent this loss whenever you have a professional installation from Hawkins Heating & Air Conditioning.

With expert advice and installation, it will leave you with better resale position should you ever want to sell your home. The home will sell for a much higher value whenever you invest in a new HVAC unit(s). We can get your home there.

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Geothermal Energy Solutions

Virginia Beach HVAC ContractorGeothermal energy is one of the best and most efficient and cost-effective ways to provide heating and AC into commercial and residential buildings such as the office, multi-family units, and single residential building all year-round.

Geothermal heating & cooling is a proven and effective technology that delivers comfort and reliable heating and cooling. As it gets its energy from natural sources (heating & cooling), it has become a popular way cooling down and heating a home/business.

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Reliable Dryer Vent Cleanings

Most of us tend to ignore the fact that a dryer vent gets clogged with lint. Over time, it becomes a fire hazard. We offer dryer vent cleaning to eliminate this and other hazards that are caused by a build-up of lint.

Putting your family in danger is something that can be eliminated through our services. Just one phone call will get us to your home to suck the lint out of hard to reach places and make your home safer to inhabit and the dryer safer to run.

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Energy Savings

Virginia Beach HVAC Contractor performing thermal imaging scanIt’s hard to save money on utility bills anymore. It seems that the winters are longer lasting and summers cut short with blasts of cold air. But it doesn’t need to seem so gloomy because we have energy saving solutions for your HVAC system.

We can save you more money per year and make your HVAC unit(s) longer lasting. Our techs have what it takes to ensure comfort and energy savings throughout.

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Why Hire Hawkins Heating & Air Conditioning?

You should hire us if you are in need of a Virginia Beach HVAC Contractor that is reliable and committed to the cause. Our techs are well-trained and skilled in all areas of HVAC technology.

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Heating & Air Conditioning Services in Virginia Beach

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