Air Conditioning Repairs/Installation

Virginia Beach Air Conditioning RepairsYou can stay cooled down during the dog days of summer through the services of Hawkins Heating & Air Conditioning. We can provide you with Virginia Beach Air Conditioning Contractors that will prepare your unit for the long summer. When it gets too hot inside your home, don’t take matters into your own hands, call us and we’ll take care of them for you. We’ll give your system a detailed looking over so that we can discuss options with you.

AC Repairs

Hiring a professional for AC Repairs is one of the best and safest things that you can do. That’s because professionals have expertise and can diagnose lingering issues that plague an air conditioner. An AC unit is much more complicated than you’d think.

Air Conditioning Replacement

Replacing an air conditioner can make major changes in the home. It can save you more money per month/year as well as deliver the expected comfort that you desire. Some of the reasons that you should consider replacing an AC unit are:

  • Unit is old
  • Rooms are not cooled down
  • Humidity problems
  • System is too noisy
  • Excessive dust build-up in home

Aged AC Unit

An aged unit is defined as one over ten years. Most homeowners still have the same AC units that they had upon first moving into their homes. Normally these units will require more attention because of the years of wear & tear.

Common AC Problems

An air conditioner may offer convenience by getting you though another humid summer season, but they can also present common problems that need attention. A professional can handle these most common problems:

  • Blown fuses
  • Burned out capacitor
  • Corroded gas valve
  • Thermostat issues
  • Leaks

Leaking Air Conditioner

Refrigerant leaks can be problems to your AC system in Virginia Beach. Leakages occur in the evaporator coils or the condenser is not repairable. This often occurs as a result of the unit vibrations during operation and could call for a total replacement.

Noisy AC Systems

A noisy system means one that requires repairs. We often refer to our appliances as having a little hum while running, but excessive noises emerging from them will need the efforts of an expert which you’ll find at Hawkins Heating & Air Conditioning.

Improper Air Conditioning Operation

Improper operation of an air conditioning unit will cause it to need immediate attention. Keeping your doors and windows closed during the operation will help, but if it’s more than that; you need professional services such as repairs and installations.

Contact Hawkins Heating & Air Conditioning for all of your Virginia Beach Air Conditioning Repairs needs. We can make sure that your unit is always functional.

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