Get a 13 Point AC System Inspection Today!

13 Point AC System Inspection ImageAny time is better than ever to have a 13 Point AC System Inspection done, but spring tends to be an ideal time to budget for an AC tune-up. Early maintenance can avoid many small problems from becoming huge and costly problems. Call Hawkins Heating & Air Conditioning for more ways in which you can prevent your AC from becoming your worst nightmare and see all the benefits that a service like ours has to offer. Call and beat the log waits and high prices that associated with peak season. Virginia Beach Air Conditioning Contractors can do on the spot repairs and other types of services for your AC.

Scheduling an AC Check up

An air conditioner is simple to have checked on. Just call 757.498.1323 and we’ll be out to review the condition of your air conditioner. Get yours scheduled before anyone else turns theirs on to get the summer started off right. Our checkups include:

  • Proper refrigerant levels checked
  • Electrical components and controls checked
  • Evaporator and condenser coils cleaned
  • Filters replaced
  • Thermostat calibrated
  • Motor oiled

AC Check up’s saves you Money

An annual inspection to your air conditioner will save you money. Keeping the AC in good working shape ensures that you have taken all precautionary measures to get it there. You’ll get more life out of your AC whenever you schedule your checkups with us.

Common AC Problems

There are some simple things that can occur with your AC just as well as complicated ones in Virginia Beach. Some of the most common problems tend to be ongoing threats to your system. The following are most common:

  • Frequency cycling
  • Ineffective AC
  • Compressor failure

Frequency Cycling

Systems that is too big for the spaces they are in have frequent cycling problems. Whenever the unit is bigger than the space it is in, it rapidly cools the air around it which provokes the thermometer to turn it off. Our inspections will help prevent these and other problems.

Ineffective Air Conditioner

An AC becomes ineffective whenever the air outside is too hot. It can also mean that the unit is also too small to cool down the surrounding area. We can find and diagnose these problems and help to make it more effective.

Compressor Failure

A compressor for an AC has a number of different terminals that are connected to create the current required to run the capacitor. When the capacitor fails, the unit will not run like it should and will need professional attention.

Call Hawkins Heating & Air Conditioning for the latest Virginia Beach 13 point AC checkups. An inspection could save the life of your unit and eliminate costly repairs.

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If you are looking to get a Get a 13 Point AC System Inspection, then please call 757-498-1323 or complete our online request form.