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You and your family depend on your home being able to provide you with a certain level of comfort, and two of the most vital parts of that comfort are your heating and air conditioning systems. So making sure that both of these systems is kept in excellent shape at all times is extremely important for any Bay Island homeowner, and when you need repairs for these parts of your home, you need a contractor that you can trust to get the job done well. At Hawkins Heating & Air Conditioning, we know important your Bay Island heating and cooling systems are to your home and your family, and we have the expertise and experience to make sure they’re always working effectively and efficiently.

All of our heating and air contractors are licensed, trained, and experienced, and we back all of the work that we provide with a satisfaction guarantee. We’ll respond to your requests for service as soon as possible, and we’ll diagnose and repair the problems quickly, accurately, and thoroughly. And if your HVAC system unexpectedly malfunctions, we offer same-day services, as well as 24/4 emergency repairs.

Give us a call today with any questions you have about the services we provide or to schedule your appointment, and we’ll be looking forward to working with you. We are your HVAC Contractor.

Bay Island Air Conditioning Repairs and Maintenance

The weather in Bay Island can be extreme in the summers, often rising to 90°F or higher from July to August, and keeping your home cool during these peak months is important not just for your comfort, but often for the health and safety of you and your family as well. If any problems occur with your air conditioning system, you can count on the professionals at Hawkins Heating & Air Conditioning for reliable repairs, whenever you need them.

Of course, making sure your home is cool is only one of your main priorities—the other is keeping your cooling costs low. But that can be a problem when your AC is battling the heat all day long. The best way to keep your energy costs low while keeping your home cool and comfortable is have regular maintenance and tune-ups of the system performed.

Our air conditioning contractors offer Preventative Maintenance Agreements to ensure the health of your AC year-round, and we also recommend you have tune-up of your AC at least once a year.

Bay Island Heating Repairs

While Virgina may not exactly be known for its rough winters, local Bay Island residents know that the summer isn’t endless, and when temperatures do drop, making sure your home is kept warm is crucial. Our professionals can make sure that your heating system is always in great shape with services that span tune-ups, repairs, and installations or replacements. We can work with any type of heating unit, including boilers, heat pumps, furnaces and geothermal systems.

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