Heating System Maintenance Tips for Your Virginia Beach Home

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You can save up to 30% on heating costs this cold winter season with good heating system maintenance. If you  follow these maintenance tips, you will lower your Virginia Beach utility bills, stay warm and see a significant improvement in your home’s heating efficiency.

For good heater maintenance, it is important to get a Virginia Beach heating and cooling contractor to provide a diagnostic assessment of your air conditioning and heating system. Your system can lose efficiency as it ages. Therefore, regular heater maintenance and analysis, performed by qualified and experienced contractor, is important to ensure optimum efficiency and operation.

Most Virginia Beach heating contractors will provide free estimates for a full range of new energy-efficient heaters. Your maintenance technician and installer will provide a consultation on custom designed systems to meet your needs.

Custom metal duct work, oil to gas heater conversions and post-installation heating system maintenance and inspections are also provided.

Most Virginia Beach homeowners know that regular maintenance is far more practical and cost-efficient than repairing a problem once it has occurred. Most contractors provide a heating system tune-up in the fall season at a reduced cost.

This comprehensive tune-up of your heating system should include an evaluation of your thermostat settings and any necessary adjustments to all electrical and gas connections to ensure safe and efficient operation of your system. Poor gas connections, a dirty burner or cracked heat exchanger are fire hazards and can contribute to health problems.

Most heater tune-ups also includes lubricating all the moving parts to reduce friction in the systems motors, thereby reducing the amount of electricity you use. A complete inspection of the air filters and condensate drain as part of your maintenance service will reduce the danger of heating system failures, increased utility costs and possible water damage and unsafe humidity levels in the house. It is important that your technician also inspects your flue pipe for restrictions or leaks, since these can create a carbon monoxide hazard in your home.

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