How To Conserve Heating Energy This Winter

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How To Conserve Heating Energy This WinterAs winter emerges your home’s heater will work overtime in order to keep your house interior warm and provide comfort and safety for your family. Although higher energy bills are almost inevitable, you can take some proactive steps in order to insure that your home is protected from winter winds, snow days, and dropping temperatures. A 13 Point Heating System Inspection will not only help your heating system run more efficiently, but also give it extended life over the long-term, and keep your repair and maintenance costs low. For more tips on keeping your heating energy costs at a minimum call Hawkins Heating & Air Conditioning at 757-498-1323.


Preventative Maintenance

Starting at ground zero, the most important step you can take is in the heating equipment itself. If it’s been a while since you’ve given your heater a proper inspection and tune-up, then now is the time. Dollar for dollar, maintenance cost significantly less than major repairs. A properly running system will perform more efficiently while yielding the desired results. Make sure you get a comprehensive inspection and maintenance that covers every single component of your heater, as every part is essential for the entire system to operate at peak performance.


Check Your Thermostat

Your heater’s thermostat controls the temperature throughout every room in your home. There’s generally more than one variable that governs how well your thermostat works. For instance, is your thermostat located in the central part of your home for more balanced functioning? Is it too close to the heater? Another important thing to consider is how old your thermostat is. Modern thermostats offer far more features that are programmable in order to perform at maximum efficiency.


Change Your Filters

The importance of clean filters that are specifically designed for your heating system cannot be overstated. Although there are different types of filters, pleated filters are generally considered ideal, because they last longer, filter a greater amount dirty and dusty, and are a better investment for the money. You filters should be checked according to manufacturer’s specifications, but at a minimum of once a month. Filters are an inexpensive way of insuring that your system is running smoothly.


Insulate Your Home

Sometimes the issues with your heater may not have anything to do with the heater itself, but rather the type of environment that it operating in. If your home is not properly insulated and sealed both inside and out, then it makes your heater run twice as hard in order to heat every room throughout your home’s interior. Have your attic, walls, floors, and other areas professionally inspected in order to make it is properly protected by insulation that is in good shape. Check the areas around your windows and doors for drafts. You may also want to make sure that your roof is in good condition and there is no damage to your vinyl siding or home exterior.

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