Protect Against Electric Surges in Virginia Beach

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Many electronics like computers, DVR’s, and digital answering machines are sensitive to fluctuations in electrical current. These electrical surges or spikes are caused by many things including lightening storms, faulty wiring, or an issue with the power delivery lines. A whole house surge protector is a great defense against these issues as it will divert any excess electricity to a grounding wire instead of passing it along to the connected devices.

This ensures the devices plugged into the surge protector will receive a steady supply of power. Another option to protect these devices is to simply unplug them. However, many of these items will be left plugged in when a person is not home and things like spikes from the transformer lines cannot be predicted or anticipated.

Therefore a great investment for a family with a houseful of expensive electronic equipment is a whole house surge protector.

A whole house surge protector is wired directly to the electric panel of your Virginia Beach home and will automatically siphon off any electrical surges before they even enter the wiring of the home. This is extremely convenient as the individual protectors will no longer be required.

Even sensitive equipment can be plugged directly into an electrical outlet without fear that it will be damaged during storms or other issues. Most of these protectors will require installation by your professional Virginia Beach surge protection specialist.  Whole house surge protectors are rarely sold to the public and must usually be purchased through a supplier.

Some manufacturers even offer a warranty for electrical equipment if it is damaged after the protector is installed.

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