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3 Tips To Cooler Indoor Air During VA Beach Summers

3 tips cooler indoor air va beach summers

The professionals at Hawkins Heating & Air Conditioning would like to share some tips on how to have cooler, more comfortable indoor air during our Virginia Beach Summers. It can be very pleasant here is the Virginia Beach area, and then there are plenty of hot and muggy days during the summer. Our expert technicians offer you the following tips to have cooler indoor air for your comfort and energy saving needs.

Set The Thermostat At A Reasonable Temperature

When you set your Virginia Beach air conditioning temperature on the thermostat, make sure you don’t try to force your air conditioner too hard, meaning when it’s over 100 degrees outside, you can’t expect the indoor temperature to go down to 72 unless you want to strain the machinery and use up a lot of energy. There is a great distance between these figures, so keep that in mind when choosing the indoor temperature via the AC thermostat.

Don’t Constantly Change The Thermostat Setting

To get the most from your Virginia Beach air conditioning system, set the thermostat and don’t frequently change it. The thermostat controls the temperature in your home over time, not immediately. Allowing the constant up and down will put strain on your equipment and cost you more in energy. Sometimes it’s difficult to leave the thermostat alone when there is more than one person’s comfort needs involved, so have a family meeting and come up with an average setting everyone can share.

If you like to turn off the air on occasion, especially when it’s nice out, be sure when you kick it back on you put it back to that comfortable temperature and leave it. If you find you’re having problems with getting certain areas or rooms of your Virginia Beach cool enough, you may have a hot zone problem. For hot zones or other air conditioning problems, call our expert HVAC technicians for testing and advice on what needs to be done to ensure every area of your Virginia Beach home is evenly cooled.

Get Your VA Summer Seasonal Air Conditioning Tune Up Done

Your Virginia Beach seasonal air conditioning tune-up prepares your equipment to run well all summer. Getting it cleaned up, adjusted, lubricated, and tested is a preventative way to keep it in great shape mechanically. A well maintained air conditioner for your Virginia Beach home or business uses less energy, breaks down less often, and lasts longer. If you want to do the most to ensure you get the most in energy efficiency from an air conditioner that runs better and lasts longer, call Hawkins Heating & Air Conditioning for your summer season tune-up today.

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