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An essential part of keeping your home comfortable is making sure the heating and cooling system is working, as it is intended to. So, an important part of keeping your system up and running is finding a reputable heating and air conditioning contractor to work with.

Since 1986, locals here in Lafayette have been entrusting Hawkins Heating & Air Conditioning to get the job done. We take great pride in the work we do and that is evident from the results we are able to get. You can count on our Lafayette Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors.

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Sometimes, it is obvious that you need HVAC service. While other times it may not be as apparent. Here are some common things that go wrong with heating and cooling systems:

  • Heat pump iced-up in summer or winter – In the winter, although it is common for ice to form, the system switches to a defrost mode. If this doesn’t happen, it will freeze up completely. It is never normal for ice to form in the summer and you should let a professional take a look.
  • The thermostat is the brain of the entire system and if it stops working your system cannot function. Always check to make sure it has not been accidentally switched off or set to too low or high a temperature. If that isn’t the problem, give us call.
  • If the airflow seems off the first thing to check is the filter. This should be changed each month, especially during times of peak use. These filters get dirty or clogged over time and that leads to restricted airflow. Eventually, if left ignored, it can stop the airflow completely.

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