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Building Owners No Cost Tune Up Services in Virginia Beach

No cost tune ups commercial building owners

This little-known breakthrough program is reducing building owners' electricity usage... And here's how you can benefit from it, too!

Every building needs a well-cared-for HVAC system, but its management and repair costs can be a pain in the neck to deal with. But what if there was a solution to take care of them, with literally LITTLE-TO-NO COSTS[1] on your part?

It isn’t a secret: every building depends on its HVAC system in order to operate properly, whether it is a common establishment or even a church. Especially here in Virginia, where hot, humid days are commonly considered a plague, it is pivotal for everyone who enters a building to feel refreshed. After all, people enjoy attending places if those offer them a sense of comfort and well-being, a shelter from sunny days.

So you probably have your own staff to take care of your HVAC system, but lately you have realized that they overloaded with other needed responsibilities …

That’s right, you are counting on your team to take care of everything for you, and be proactive with your HVAC management. Usually, staff that’s assigned as your workforce is preoccupied servicing the other needs of the building: & of course, they don’t have the expertise of contractors.

And when you entrust your HVAC system to someone who isn’t an expert, mistakes are bound to happen: they might be prone to overlook minor faults, and those can one day deteriorate into major breakdowns.

And dealing with breakdowns is costly: You’d have to do your best in order to stay on budget, and sometimes that can be difficult.

Moreover, the staff is often busy with other things, so your HVAC could easily be forgotten about or left with a few check-ups in their spare time.

So, especially when we are talking about churches, saving hundreds of dollars that could be of a better service elsewhere would be nice...After all, who would refuse the opportunity to have their HVAC system taken care of with LITTLE-TO-NO COSTS [1]?

This little-known Program fueled by Dominion Energy is doing just that: helping hundreds of Building Owners save up on their electricity usage and bills…

The Dominion Energy Small Business Improvement Program was designed with your troubles in mind. Not only your HVAC system will be entrusted in the hands of a program participating contractor such as Hawkins Heating & Air , but also it will take the pressure of your staff, allowing them to concentrate on other tasks and utilize their time more efficiently.

Let’s analyze the incredible benefits this system allows you to achieve if you qualify for it! (Requirements are shown below!)

  • This one-time-service will take the load off your staff so they can deal with other tasks, while Hawkins Heating & Air Conditioning , a participating contractor in the program’s vendor network, will make sure your HVAC system is in good condition, up and running!
  • Joining the rebate program and becoming our partner, you won’t only get HVAC system-related benefits: our service includes screw-in lightning at little-to-no costs[1]! Maybe you haven’t even realized how dark it is in your building: our LED light bulbs will brighten up the environment and allow you to save energy at the same time!
  • This program’s maintenance service will prolong your system’s lifespan so that you won’t have to burn your budget in order to deal with a major breakdown or even a replacement anytime soon.
  • Any problem within your system will be identified with no stone left unturned! Yes, because our service also contemplates duct sealing, which is never on anyone’s radar but allows for substantial energy savings.

And all of this, would you believe it? With absolutely LITTLE-TO-NO COSTS ON YOUR PART[1]!

The Requirements you Need to Meet

  • You need to be a customer of Dominion Energy
  • You need to be a privately-owned business with 5 or fewer locations - You don't need to own the building, but just to be responsible for the electric bills
  • You shouldn't have exceeded a monthly demand of 100 kilowatts three or more times in the past 12 months. Don't worry though, you won't have to calculate it by yourself: we will work with Dominion Energy to confirm if you qualify.
  • And if you did go over the monthly demand limit… Then you shouldn't worry about being left out: Dominion Energy has another similar program, The Non Residential Prescriptive Program.

Are you ready to save up on your electricity usage big time… for little-to-no costs[1] on your shoulders? The end-date is approaching: see if you meet the requirements and participate in the rebate program!

All you’ll have to do is download and fill out the form, then send it to us. It will be submitted to Dominion Energy, and you’ll be contacted soon after to schedule the service!

*Certain conditions apply. Offer subject to Terms and Conditions, as well as program guidelines. Call us for details.” [1]

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