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Seeking a Variety of Heating & Air Conditioning Services in Salem?

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If you value and appreciate living in Salem, you’re really going to be grateful for Hawkins Heating & Air Conditioning. We are a locally owned and operated group of HVAC contractor that has been around for over 15 years. We’ll get you the best quality services for your money.If it’s installations you’re in need of, you can get them for any of your HVAC units. We attend to matters promptly and will never charge too much. We’ll help keep the temperatures consistent inside of your home.

Heating systems date back to the early prehistoric era when man used fire to keep him and his family warm. Today we are not faced with those challenges, but surely seem like it whenever we experience problems with our units.

You’ll find that we can make your HVAC systems last longer than expected. We’re the professionals that can arrive on time and conveniently take care of all your HVAC problems in one shot.

Salem Heating Repairs

You have options for heating the home. You might think that all homes are equipped with a furnace as that seems to be a common type of heating device.

But there is more than just that and at Hawkins Heating & Air Conditioning, we will teach you about yours as we do heating repairs on the following:

  • Natural gas units
  • Electric systems
  • Propane
  • Oil

Call Hawkins Heating & Air Conditioning for more ways on how to deal with your HVAC system. You’ll feel that peace of mind that you have been missing all along. The future of your HVAC system depends on who treats it. Get your free estimate today!The heating system inside of your home all depends on how it takes in and releases heat. Many use electric whereas others use gas as in the case with furnaces. Our heating & air conditioning services can become efficient as they installed and repaired correctly.

Salem Air Conditioning Repairs

Residential solar-energy systems are a new way to heat & cool down homes in the Virginia area. They often cut down on energy costs as well as usage. We can provide your system with air conditioning repairs or installations when needed. Some information about solar-energy systems are:

Solar modules harvest the sun’s energy to power the unitWhen an heat pump or cooling systems are not working, these systems can function the electrical devices

You’ll find this to be an effective form of cooling the home as it helps to save. Get your Salem heating & air conditioning services done before they suffer from major damages.

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