Exceptional 13 Point Heating System Inspection

13 Point Heating System Inspection in Virginia BeachThere are different types of heating system all which require a Virginia Beach 13 Point Heating System Inspection at least once per year, your Virginia Beach Heating Contractor can handle them all. If you think that your heating system would benefit from one, please contact the HVAC experts from Hawkins Heating & Air Conditioning. For decades we have been delivering our exceptions services to home and property owners. Call us and set up an appointment to have your furnace or heat pump diagnosed by a tradesman who knows how to correctly diagnose them.

Setting up a Checkup

The heating system in your home is more complicated than you think. Most heating systems are built to last several decades, but the reliability factor may be taken for granted. If and when problems arise, you can always call us to set an appointment to see where those problems are coming from. Our checkups include:

  • Refrigerant pressure checked
  • Electrical components checked
  • Electrical connections checked
  • Air filters checked
  • Voltage & amp draw checked
  • Defrost cycle tested

Types of Heating Systems

There are three main types of heating systems. If your current system is giving you problems or you just want to have it checked due to age, and inspection is what you need in order to learn what’s going on. The three main types of heating systems are:

  • Heat pumps
  • Furnace heating
  • Radiant heat

Warning Signs for Heating Problems

A home heating system will show warning signs that it is starting to fail. Although heaters are built to last, in theory, they do break down as they are used too much. The following are signs that you need to call for an inspection:

  • Cracked heat exchanger
  • Dirt and debris buildup
  • Lack of maintenance

Regular Maintenance

With regular maintenance for your heating system, you can detect problems before they become bigger problems in your Virginia Beach home. Catching a problem early enough will also save you money and less hassle.

Heating Plans

When prepping the home for the winter, besides blocking out drafts from the windows and doors, you should already be on the phone with Hawkins Heating & Air Conditioning and scheduling your checkup. There’s no better way to tell if your heater is going to last. With a good heating plan, you won’t be without all winter.


You’ll find that using our checkup service is beneficial to the home’s heating system. A checkup will allow you to realize where and how long problems have been going on as well as any repairs it is going to need. Other benefits include:

  • Unit professionally checked
  • Preventative maintenance for heating system
  • Prevents costly breakdowns

Contact Hawkins Heating & Air Conditioning for a Virginia Beach 13 point heating checkups. A checkup could save the life of your heater and prevent costly repairs.

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