Virginia Beach Thermal Imaging Inspection Specialists


With today’s rising energy costs, customers are more eager than ever to find any faulty areas in their home that are hurting their home’s energy efficiency. Getting your heating, air conditioning, and ventilation costs under control is extremely important to modern homeowners. Virginia Beach Thermal Imagining Inspections are one of the best available methods offered today to help homeowners identify and address areas in their homes that may be hurting its energy efficiency.

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Thermal Imaging Inspections In Virginia Beach

Thermal imaging inspections have become one of the most trusted residential inspection methods available in the past few years. The thermal imaging cameras used during this service provide a real-time portrait of the small temperature differences in your home that would normally be invisible to the naked eye, and can identify any areas of your home where you may have warm or cold air leaking outside, reducing the energy efficiency of your home. Because this type of inspection allows testing without having to move or destroy any exterior or interior finishes, it is an extremely time efficient and non-invasive method for identifying any areas of your home that may be in need of repair or replacement. By performing this inspection, our team of experts can help you with:

  • Leaks & Humidity Detection
  • Air Tightness Testing
  • Door Seal Inspection
  • Missing Insulation
  • Pest Inspections
  • Wall Seal Heat Loss Inspection
  • And much more…

Missing Insulation Detection In Virginia Beach

When you have a thermal imaging inspection performed on your home, you can instantly identify areas where you may be losing warm and cool air by finding areas of your home with missing or damaged insulation. By comparing the temperature of different areas of your home to the other surrounding areas, you can very quickly identify any areas that could be suffering from lack of insulation. Normally these kinds of problems would be invisible to the naked eye, but with a professional thermal imaging inspection, they will show up as clear as daylight.

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